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J-Horror An Alternative Guide

J-Horror: An Alternative Guide By Zack Davisson   There’s a lot more to Japanese horror than the vengeful, lank-haired spook-girls of Ring, Ju-on and their

The Suicide Woods of Mt. Fuji

The Suicide Woods of Mt. Fuji By Zack Davisson “The perfect place to die.” That’s how Aokigahara was described in Wataru Tsurumui’s bestselling book The

Ghoul Power

Ghoul Power By Jon Wilks   “The curse of one who dies in the grip of a powerful rage. It gathers and takes effect in

Tales of Ghostly Japan

Tales of Ghostly Japan By Zack Davisson   昔In the summertime of old Japan, when the oppressive heat and humidity rendered daylight activity all but

Hanami Manners 101

Hanami Manners 101 By Emily Millar   First-time hanami goers may not be aware of the subtle underlying rules that govern cherry blossom viewing amongst