Japanese gambling similar to Casino : Pachinko


Pachinko is the representative of gambling in Japan. This is a game that you can play by using slot machines. The origin of pachinko is in slot machines in casinos in Europe and the United States. Therefore, the first domestic slot machine was built in 1958. Any gambling is now illegal in Japan. However, the […]

Creepy Japan

Creepy Japan By Emily Millar   What is it about Japan that freaks you? Is it the yakuza? Boozy-breath perverts on trains? Raw fish? The ever-present threat of earthquakes? In this modern age, Japan still appears relatively safe when compared to some other places. I, for one, have few qualms about walking alone in the city […]

Book Review: 69 by Ryu Murakami

Book Review By Zack Davisson   69 by Ryu Murakami Kodansha International, ISBN 4-7700-3013-4 Kensuke Yazaki didn’t get his first real six-string at the 5 and Dime, but he knows a little something about being young and restless in the Summer of 69. He’s the drummer for a garage band, rocking the latest Stones and […]

Hebi Meta San: The Marty Friedman Interview

Hebi Meta San: The Marty Friedman Interview By Jon Wilks     When it comes to guitar chops, there are few that have trumped the technical wizardry of former Megadeth supremo, Marty Friedman. Throughout the nineties, he topped poll after guitar-legend-poll, before giving it all up to move across the world and pursue a career […]

Color Yoro World

Color Yoro World By Steven Kenworthy   Autumn’s annual symphony of color should be in full bloom within the next month or two, and taking a day to hike outside the city is really the best way to enjoy it. The area around Mt. Yoro and Mt. Tado, located to the west of Nagoya, where […]

Kanikosen: A Proletarian Literature Classic Comes Back To Life

Kanikosen: a proletarian literature classic comes back to life By Matthew Ward     Go into a Japanese bookstore these days, and chances are you’ll see a little book with a black ship silhouetted against a red sky on its cover, prominently displayed next to other recent bestsellers. The book in question is called “Kanikosen,” […]

Scrupulously Elaborated Fraud Scheme Taints Japanese Corporation

Scrupulously Elaborated Fraud Scheme Taints Japanese Corporation By David Schneider     It is known there are many hidden obstacles on the way to success in business. One chooses to overcome them legally going through thick and thin, others prefer to speculate upon a fraud scheme to tear out some money. For instance, the Russian […]

Field Guide to Japan: Hanami Fun Facts

Field Guide to Japan: Hanami Fun Facts! By Zack Davisson   Spring has sprung. And in Japan, that means it is time again to contemplate mono no aware, the ephemeral and slightly melancholy nature of being alive. Apparently, this is best achieved through the age-old tradition of sitting on blue polytarps, passing around child-sized bottles of […]

Hanami Manners 101

Hanami Manners 101 By Emily Millar   First-time hanami goers may not be aware of the subtle underlying rules that govern cherry blossom viewing amongst thousands of other revellers. Here are some tips for improving your ‘sakura etiquette’ to ensure a splendid time is guaranteed for all: • Don’t even think about hitting the bottle […]

A Day Tripper’s Guide to Ise and Toba

A Day Tripper’s Guide to Ise and Toba By Zack Davisson Toba. Ise. Not exactly names rich with mystery and adventure. Kyoto has its dark lanes and cobbled back alleys, where one might catch a fleeting glimpse of an ethereal white face resplendent in a shining kimono. Osaka is the land of a thousand flavors, […]