Japanese gambling similar to Casino : Pachinko

Pachinko is the representative of gambling in Japan. This is a game that you can play by using slot machines. The origin of pachinko is in slot machines in casinos in Europe and the United States. Therefore, the first domestic slot machine was built in 1958.

Any gambling is now illegal in Japan. However, the pachinko industry still forms a large market in Japan and it is a unique culture unlike any other in the world. Pachinko and horse racing are not illegal gambling, these are just recognized kinds of game, and specially operated under the rules stipulated by the adult entertainment business law.


Currently, there is a social problem because of these games in Japan.

It’s a gambling addiction. As they continue to bet money and gain or lose, they will be stuck in this situation by investing more money and trying to recover or borrow money from outside.

Therefore, they cannot stop easily, even if they want to quit as soon as possible.

Today’s main point is that I will introduce a game that you can play without being too addicted to gambling.

It’s an online casino.

The reason why online casinos are less prone to gambling addiction is that online casinos cannot use cash directly when you bet, and it is common to bet using a credit card or online payment services. You might as well think it is easy to bet by using a credit card and a credit card can be overused, but if you take proper settings in advance, you can prevent the addiction.

First of all, there is a system that allows you to set the maximum amount that can be deposited in advance from the settings of the online casino site. The amount exceeding that amount cannot be set. At the same time, if you set the maximum amount on your credit card in advance, you can prevent both sides. You can also use a debit card instead of a credit card. Create an account in advance that you can use for only gambling, and put the maximum amount that you can use for a month in the account. After that, if you make a rule that you never touch the account, you will not overuse it. 

As you can see on this site Safe and secure online casinos ,even though this is the Japanese site, I read it carefully and there is a lot of information about online casinos. Therefore, I will mention more.

Another method is to choose a safe and secure online casino. In order to operate an online casino site, only casino sites that have obtained a public license from the government can operate it through the examination of the operating country. The security of the online casino industry is improving year by year, and we are in an era where you do not have to worry about betting money, but you may still be thinking about what to do if your credit card information is leaked or money will be gone after betting money. All of our personal information is encrypted and cannot easily be leaked outside the online casino site.


Last information, most online casino sites allow you to play games for free or bet a certain amount of money for free as a bonus when you first register. We recommend that you first try registering on several sites. It is stressful to be able to find out which site suits you with no experience.

You will find which site is easy to use and the design is good among the abundant online casino sites. I hope that you will be able to play while being strict with yourself and taking good care of the people around you so that you can make money at an online casino in a stress-free, fun and healthy way!






それはギャンブル依存症です。パチンコの利用者が多くのお金を賭けて、賞金を得たり失ったりし続けると、彼らはより多くのお金を投資し、外部からもお金を借りようとすることによって、状況は悪化し誰も気づかない、または本人さえも依存症の初期症状だと気付くことは難しいです。 したがって、できるだけ早くギャンブルを辞めたいと思っても、自分だけの力で簡単にやめることはなかなか難しいところがあります。





別の方法は、Safe and secure online casinosを選択することです。オンラインカジノサイトを運営するためには、政府から公的なライセンスを取得したネットカジノサイトのみが運営国の政府の審査を通じて安全に運営することができます。




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